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About the ARC Transatlantic:

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is a famous annual transatlantic event that is the largest Trans Ocean race of its kind in the world. The ARC Race organisers ensure a high level of safety and also organise some great social events suitable for the whole family.

The ARC yacht race takes you across 2700 miles of the Atlantic Ocean from the Canaries to the Caribbean on the trade wind route intended to give optimum exciting downwind sailing.This challenging event is on many sailor’s bucket list and allows everyone the opportunity to experience life at sea for an extended period. Highlights will include not only the sailing but also the wildlife encountered. Often dolphins will accompany the yacht and shooting stars will guide your passage.


Pre-ARC Race Preparation Programme
14th to 18th November 2023


ARC Race start:
19th November 2023
Approximate finish: Soon after the 10th of December*

*Note- this race can take between 14 and 21 days to complete and we cannot predict an accurate ETA.

Event Price

Book this amazing event with us for only


price per person


The start of the ARC race is in Las Palmas in the Canaries and the race fleet head west. It finishes in Rodney Bay in the idyllic Caribbean Island of St Lucia.

Details of our ARC Race package

Global Yacht Racing realise the importance of bringing the crew together and preparing them, as a team, for a long distance race like the ARC Transatlantic. We offer a pre-race programme in the Canaries that ensures you are prepared and confident around your yacht before the race start. During the pre-race programme you can expect to take part in a range of activities, carried out onshore, alongside in the marina and out on the water, to include safety briefings, sail changes and manoeuvres, as well as covering the use of spinnakers and downwind sailing. This pre-race programme will also involve the purchasing and stowage of provisions, social events and will allow you to attend a variety of seminars as offered by World Cruising Club the ARC organisers.

Pre-ARC Race preparation programme

Professional skipper

First mate

All food when on open passage

Access to all World Cruising Club seminars and events

Branded team shirt

All safety equipment including personal AIS beacons

Why we love ARC Transatlantic Race

Join the winners! Over the past few years we have finished the transatlantic ARC with a podium position. In 2010 Global Yacht Racing and EH01 won both their division and the IRC class overall and have the pewter mug to prove it. For first timers the ARC Race is definitely the challenge of a lifetime and nothing beats the sense of achievement of arriving at your destination after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Even for seasoned ocean warriors there is something amazing about being propelled across such a vast stretch of water by harnessing the power of nature. Offshore yacht racing is also about experiencing the powerful beauty of the nature, whether it be a serene sunset or a wild gale whipping the tops of towering waves. Or if you’re not into all that hippy sentiment then the satisfaction of being able to say “been there and got the T-shirt” is enough! Either way we’ve been doing this race since 2006 and can say that nothing comes close to the feeling of that first celebratory drink on the dock upon arrival in St Lucia after two weeks at sea!

How to Book

Email: [email protected] for more info
Phone: +44 7841 590 714

Fancy a post ARC cruise from St Lucia to Antigua?

Call us and and lets discuss a relaxing trip on one of our yachts

Do you want to get away from all the pre-Christmas stress? Join us by yourself, with a friend or a group for five days of relaxing sailing around the beautiful Caribbean islands, sunshine guaranteed!

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Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain
Date: November 14, 2023
Duration: 27 Days