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The ‘EH01’ RORC Transatlantic ’23 Report – Bloggy McBlogface

We currently have 747nm to go to the finish in Grenada and we are still under our superstar Hyde spinnaker in 16 -18 knots of wind with a pretty gentle sea state.

Its super hot on board during the day so floppy hats are the order – mine is one I crocheted for myself in silly stripey colours so I think
I win the daftest hat award.

The night watches are very dark with no moon at all. Its ok when the night is clear because the stars provide plenty of light but last night was super cloudy and squally. We got totally soaked by a mean rain cloud and then did a complete 360 without tacking or gybing as the wind spun us around.

This morning we have had two yachts on the horizon including a cruising catamaran who we saw in Arrecife before the race start. We spoke to them via the VHF and he made our day by complimenting us on looking very smart flying along with our spinnaker up. We’ve just spotted another yacht ahead of us but he isnt quite close enough for the AIS to pick up a name.

Thoughts have already turned to what will be our first food and drink when we get ashore despite the lovely meals we have enjoyed on board. Jerk Chicken pizza is Neil’s vote!

We’ll keep rolling along – see you in about 4 days!

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