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The ‘EH01’ RORC Transatlantic ’23 Report – Over Halfway!

Hello from EH01!

We’re making good progress in the light winds and during happy hour on Tuesday we had a party to celebrate being half way across. Jenn and Frank made some delicious lemon drizzle fairy cakes and we decorated silly hats for a crew photo.

We’ve been able to sail directly to Grenada for a few days now, which everyone is excited about, it’s great to watch the distance to waypoint tick down as we head in the right direction. Our manoeuvres are getting better every day, especially gybing the spinnaker which is definitely the most frequent even though Neil promised us no gybes!

Outside the boat, we’ve seen lots of dolphins today, they swam alongside the boat for 6 hours this morning and some seabirds have also been flying around. There were some baby dolphins which were really cute to watch as they learnt to jump out of the water alongside their mums.

Everyone was very excited to have a shower yesterday, it was really refreshing to have a chance after 10 days at sea, especially as the temperatures rise as we head further South. We’ve had lots of sunshine and light winds for the last few days and are making good progress in the race.

Everyone’s up for happy hour at the moment, and we’ve just had a delicious dinner of sweet and sour stir fry cooked by Paul and Frank with peaches for pudding and are now getting ready for evening watches and the sunset in a couple of hours.

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