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Race4Rene – ARC 2019 Blog – Day 12

Blog today is from Harry. 

So it’s Day 12 onboard the good ship ‘EH01’/ Race4Rene. Wind is still strong, and we have managed to speed our way to 2nd place in our category with just under 1000 miles left to go! 

It has been an eventful few days at sea.

First mate Elliott has been teaching us his favourite French swear words, because as a group of young men we didn’t quite have enough ways to insult each other. Miki has developed a new bout of Miki flu and won’t shut up about it. He has resorted to sleeping amongst the sails in his new illness boudoir. 
We released a message in a bottle! We wanted to do this as a symbol of hope that no matter how isolated you might feel, there will always be someone to talk to. Fingers crossed this will be found in years to come and they will get in contact with us!

And finally, my personal favourite, Simon was hit in the face by a flying fish while having a cigarette on the deck.

I can’t believe it’s only 5 days left until we arrive in St Lucia. See you all on the other side!