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Race4Rene – ARC 2019 Blog – Day 11 – The Skipper’s Notes!

So today is my turn, the Skipper’s, to write the Race4Rene blog and what a trip it has been so far. Before the start of the ARC the team came to Cowes and did 4 days of training and then two more afternoons before the race start. I was immediately impressed how the guys picked up the skills needed to help them race across the pond from having never being on a yacht before to taking up this challenge for such great causes.

Each member has been putting their own stamp on the jobs at hand. My biggest concern at the start was the amount of helming under kite each of them have had; which would be the larger part of what we would be doing. The first few nights without the help of the moonlight was hard but now they all jump at the chance to helm in the windy and choppy sea conditions.

Sometimes being the skipper feels more like being a mum reminding the crew to keep the yacht clean, keep their kit in their bags and not other crew members as well as cleaning up after cooking. 

Everyday we have a happy hour where I look back at the last 24hrs of racing covering the amount of miles done, Weather, position in the race and what plans we have over the next 24hours. We are now down to what I hope is the last week of racing. At this point of the race it’s even more important than ever to keep us moving in the right heading with boat speed without damaging the yacht. 

The last 24 hours we have been taking it a little easy with just polling out a head sail which along with the main sail gives us a great angle to the waypoint. This course also much easier to helm than the full on conditions of a kite but still finds us surfing up to 16kts. With just over 1100nm to go we are pushing on to get in, in 6 days time