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ARC Day 10

The Jua Kali Report – ARC 2019 – Day 10

Day 10.

The Universe continues to misinterpret “What could possibly go wrong?” as a challenge instead of a rhetorical question. Still, we try to invent solutions for sailing without symmetric spinnakers. So maybe we are not there yet, but we are still trying!

In the meantime one of our crew members became 55. Good way to celebrate in the middle of the ocean, almost exactly half way to St Lucia! Baptiste (first Michelin star on a yacht) made muffin cake and a perfect dinner just to make the day special.

– Franek writing for The Jua Kali Report.

P.s. I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my little brother Hendrik whose birthday I am missing for the 3rd year in a row due to the ARC! Have a great day kiddo, see you soon. – Alex