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Race4Rene Blog – ARC 2019 – Day 8

Miki is our man today. 

“Do you want to go on an adventure?” 

What do you think I’m bloody doing here Gareth….. (apart from raising awareness and money for our two great charities of course)

When the skipper asks you that question in the middle of the Atlantic you don’t say no.

A slight problem arose during a sail change which required an innovative solution. Thankfully Gareth is not short of those, nor is he short of warm bodies to put in a harness and hoist up the spinnaker pole in a gentle breeze of 18 knots. Looking for any way to break up the vicious cycle of little sleep followed by pulling of some ropes, I became giddy with the idea of dangling up in the air and jumped into said harness without any persuading from the others.

Parents I’m sure are glad to know that the manoeuvre worked splendidly and I managed to untangle the sheets (name for a rope) from the guys (another name for a rope). 

As a whole the boat is in very good spirits now that we have some wind and are powering through the Atlantic. There is very little room for error if we are to make up the time lost during the wind barren days. The next week or so will be gruelling, concentration must be at an all time high however I believe we have in us provided certain individuals contain their excitement for excessive lean which might have resulted in me being thrown off my bed at 4.30 this morning. 

Finally I would like to thank all our supporters, without you this amazing campaign would not have been possible. 


P.S. can my housemates please remember to water my plants, thanks