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ARC 2019 – Our Youngest Trainee’s Personal Blog

Ahoy there Hehir’s,

I am currently emailing you from 19°02’.910N 032°38’.006W
We started the race 2nd over the line but as we didn’t put the kite up due to lack of experience we were soon drifting back in the fleet 😞
However since then we have fought our way back up the fleet to apparently 4th which isn’t too shabby!!

We are on day 9 sailing west after a painful trip south from Las Palmas through the acceleration zone to the Verdes where there were wind holes after wind holes! Now the trades have filled in and there is a steady 15-20 knots of breeze! I am becoming quite a handy bowman so I’m told 😁

There are a number of competitions going on within the boat including the watch which travels the furthest in one stint – mine currently winning with 32miles in 4 hours. Another one being top speed which surprisingly enough I am also winning with 14.2knots!! 

We have witnessed plenty of Sealife, as we saw Pilot Whales, flying fish and dolphins within 24hours of the race starting! We have continued to see dolphins most evenings creating streams of bioluminescent algae behind them – it’s incredible! 

We have had plenty of fish on the line, landing only 6 which is still a good effort, we caught a 1-1.5m mahi mahi only to fall off the hook as we were craning it into the cockpit, we were absolutely gutted but the other 5 have been extremely tasty being cooked in lime and teriyaki and one as cerviché (please excuse my spelling!) 

Flying fish are a regular occurrence every day, not all being so great! I was on a night watch the other night when my whole watch heard a squeal at the stern, only to find me standing there after being hit by a flying fish, wondering what the hell it was!! 😂

We had a little stow away called Dave – a fat little bugger – a swallow that found us in the middle of bloody nowhere at 3am one morning, he stayed with us until the following evening, we gave him water and food, he was joined by Dierdry who was more petit and full of energy who spent a few hours trying to egg Dave on to leave until she decided ‘fuck him’ and flew off! Dave seemed to be on his last legs at the stern until I was told to do a deck wash with a member of my watch, then it dawned on me that he probably weighs 100g only to turn around and find he flew off.😇 

The skies are amazing at night with countless stars, shooting stars and a moon that seemed to bounce on the horizon and set twice the other night, some might say we have all been at sea too long 🤔

My watch are great, we all have a great laugh and are all wanting the same thing – a rum ASAFP!!! 😂 

There have been some heated debates going on, in the other watch debates including free markets and brexit and In my watch debates on how do fish sleep – we still do not have an answer 😂 it is safe to say that there are two types of people in the world! 

I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity I am so grateful, it is utterly amazing and it gets better every day.

All my love 
Harry x