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The Jua Kali Report – ARC 2019 – Day 8

Day Eight, the beginning of our second week at sea.

The day got off to a strong start with a tasty lunch followed by freshly made brownies (the packets of brownie mix have been carried some 5000nm since leaving the UK just for this purpose!).

After this treat we swapped spinnaker and halyard (to avoid wearing either one out too much) and continued to press on westward. After a short period of light and shifty breeze the wind filled in to a solid 12 to 15 knots from the North East giving us great speed. This has held for longer than anticipated meaning we have made more ground than expected which is always a good start to another week at sea!

Unfortunately these high speeds proved too much for our fishing ventures; we had a large fish on the line but it was impossible to reel in (and hard to slow down with a spinnaker up) and after one particularly quick surge the line snapped. This means that we are now even again with 4 fi sh to 4 lures lost.

Quote from the crew: “Maybe we can get an oyster for dinner, a Scarlet Oyster!” (Hey, we’ll give it a shot.)

Back at the same time tomorrow, this has been Alex Fisher with the Jua Kali Report.