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The Jua Kali Report – ARC 2019 – Day 7

Day seven has been consistent sailing.

The past 24 hours have been spent on the same course making great progress West through fairly light breeze.

Of course there is always some entertainment to break up the day! One more fish caught but released as it was too small, Two Tuna nearly landed but got off the hook at the last minute and an armada of flying fish attacked the boat and crew in the dead of night! No one was seriously injured, just ended up a bit fishy.

The morning has been spent finding all the flying fish that escaped notice last night and clearing them off of the deck. It’s amazing to watch them gliding out of the water but once they are on the boat and you notice the smell they lose a lot of their charm!

After clearing up the carnage from the battle the crew have settled back into normal routine; salt water showers, coffee, breakfast and planning the rest of the day’s meals. Eating well is the most important aspect of a trip this long it seems.

Quote from the crew: “I thought one of the guys had kicked my leg at first before I heard the fish flapping on the deck, they hit pretty hard!”

As always, this has been Alex Fisher with the Jua Kali Report.