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Rocket Dog II – ARC 2019 – Day 6

Six days in and (now we’ve finally found the iPad) time for an update from Team Rocket Dog II (track us on

It has been a week of firsts: 360-degree sunsets, flying a spinnaker, reefing a mainsail in the dark in winds gusting 30+knots, showering once (and only once) and trying to keep track of socks in a 40×10′ space with 10 other people and ten kilos of oranges – no chance of scurvy on this boat.

Sunday we started out well, through the acceleration zone and south to try and miss the dreaded wind holes across this part of the Atlantic. Made good progress, split into watch teams and by Monday were in steady wind of 10-18 knots. Dolphins, shooting stars, pilot whales and flying fish all in the first 24hrs…we’re going to do this in 14 days we thought, and started fishing for tuna.

By Tuesday it became clear why the Atlantic is alternatively known as ‘The Pond:’ we maxed out at 2.8 knots and were so slow we acquired a migrating stowaway: let’s call him Dave. (Still) fishing for tuna…

On Wednesday we turn even further south in search of wind and Dave’s mate shows up. She flies around impatiently for half a day but he’s not budging, so she’s off. We see a turtle (allegedly), the wind has picked up and we finally catch a fish! So delicious Mahi Mahi à l’orange for ten tonight. Some decent progress today…

By Thursday we’ve hit 0.5 knots (a new low) but make great progress in the afternoon. The new moon arrives and sets (twice!?) and we’re all a lot more chilled, debates raging about Brexit…free markets…do fish sleep? 

By the time Friday arrives, there’s a lot more wind and another Mahi Mahi à la Rocket Dog to look forward to. Gorgeous sunshine and, six days after the last, it’s a great time for a shower: on deck together of course! Have learned a lot about each other in a short space of time – especially how to make skipper, Martin, move even faster than usual around the boat: make the fishing reel spin or start trimming the spinnaker when he’s in his cabin …hours of fun.

Only 2180 miles to go…