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ARC – The Jua Kali Report – Day 1

The first 24 hours of Jua Kali’s ARC2019 adventure have seen the team experience a range of different conditions and sail plans.We are fairly happy with our start, we got our symmetric spinnaker up in reasonable time and proceeded to try and pull away from the rest of the fleet while chasing down our friends on Scarlet Oyster and EH01.We were well on our way with some surfs up to 15kts. These unfortunately did lose us a couple of fishing lures making the current count 2 lures lost to 0 fish caught, not a great ratio.After briefly experimenting with the A5 the decision was made to go through the night with no spinnaker while the crew got used to driving the boat in the dark.At first light this morning though we hoisted the symmetric spinnaker and are again making good progress south west.Quote from the crew: “We want the strong winds back!”So far all crew adjusting well to life at sea.That’s all for now, this has been Alex Fisher with The Jua Kali Report.