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Rolex Middle Sea Race – start

Wind? What wind?

The start of the Rolex Middle Sea race 2019 was a remarkably sedate affair with the amazing spectacle of the start line in Grand Harbour somewhat diminished when there was only just enough wind to get across the line and keep the boat moving. Once outside the breakwater we headed for the first Rolex turning mark and popped out A1 for the fairly short run. At the mark we dropped the spinnaker and hardened up under J2 and main sail. The wind remaind light and before long it had shifted far enough back for us to once again transition into the A1.We made good progress on the light air but being one of the heaviest boats in the fleet we struggled to live with the fleet.

The A1 remained in place all night and the name of the game was to keep the boat moving and making progress in vaguely the correct direction. The crew worked hard in tricky conditions through the night and early hours of the morning. Shortly after a some what niggly gybe we were great with 5 knots of breeze and then a 120 degree wind shift which saw us rapidly drop the A1 and transition to the J2 again.
Progress was steady but at times painfully slow. The forecast was for the breeze to shift back and at about 11:45 it indeed did. This let us once again fly the A1 and we are currently enjoying a break neck 5.5knots of boats speed!!

Light winds look to be the name of the game for the first two-thirds of the Middle Sea Race 2019 and all the crew are working hard to maximise any pressure we have. Do to the lack of wind and weight placement the sound track of the race thus far has been a symphony of snoring on deck.
Spirits are high and all the crew are happy, sandwich making skills on display has been nothing short of spectacular.
The lack of wind may be starting to get to some people, see photo – Captions please….. and there are some candidates for the golden duvet award already at this early stage.

Weather is stunning though and the boat and crew enjoying things so far