October 2019

The Rolex Middle sea race is certainly a tale of two halves! Or it was this year for sure. The start in the amazing surroundings of grand harbour which was at first postponed because of lack of wind and then saw us on a very pedestrian start with 5 knots of wind just about enough to get us down the course, out of the harbour and to the first turning mark was a great experience but certainly not the emotional frantic start line we are used to. This was a taste of things to come for sure as we battled day and night in very light winds to keep the boat moving, usually at around 2 knots of boat speed. Mentally this is the hardest type of racing, it’s a constant battle to stay focussed and keep your mind on where to position the boat for the best chance of catching wind shifts or

There are a few key things you need to make an offshore sailing race, foremost of these is wind.Unfortunately nobody told the Middle Sea Race course this and so it just didn’t get ordered.We have performed several wind dances and preyed to whatever gods people believe in and yet here we are still, drifting north of Sicily with 1.3knots of wind.This has been the case throughout the night and has been immensely frustrating.Looking up the course though the old adage “be careful what you wish for” needs apt.Much stronger winds and an up wind challenge await and we are very much looking forward to strong breeze rather than the light drifting so far.Crew are all happy and enjoying things

Wind? What wind?The start of the Rolex Middle Sea race 2019 was a remarkably sedate affair with the amazing spectacle of the start line in Grand Harbour somewhat diminished when there was only just enough wind to get across the line and keep the boat moving. Once outside the breakwater we headed for the first Rolex turning mark and popped out A1 for the fairly short run. At the mark we dropped the spinnaker and hardened up under J2 and main sail. The wind remaind light and before long it had shifted far enough back for us to once again transition into the A1.We made good progress on the light air but being one of the heaviest boats in the fleet we struggled to live with the fleet.The A1 remained in place all night and the name of the game was to keep the boat moving and making progress in